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27 February 2004 | By benty in Senza categoria

Su tinymixtapes c’è una sezione in cui, in base al vostro stato d’animo attuale, alla particolare ricorrenza da voi indicata, o al trip mentale che vi state facendo in quel momento, vengono "automaticamente" compilate delle playlist a tema. Non ci sono più i nastronauti di una volta … (via chaos theory)

update: alcuni temi proposti per le playlist

  • Mix Tape To Tell A Friend, Nicely, To Sort Their Life Out And Get Their Sorry Ass Clean Because You Wont Pick Up The Pieces Every Time They Fuck Up
  • Songs To Listen To While Having Your Tongue Stuck To A Flagpole In Subzero Temperatures
  • Songs For A Girl Who Has Gotten Dumped In An Email After An 8 Year Relationship
  • Music For The Uncomfortable Morning After With What’s-Her-Face
  • My Girlfriend Jenny Is Moving To Salt Lake City To Find Herself As A Mormon Film Buff While I Am Left In The Midwest And OMG OMG OMG I Am Soooo Pathetic But Not As Bad As The Rest Of The Losers Who Request Mix Tapes Like This From The Site
  • I Worked So Hard To Talk My Girfriend Into Anal Sex, But Now I Can’t Tell Her How Dissapointed I Am By The Experience
  • E per concludere dedico a tutti gli indieblogger la fantastica Less Indie Rock, Dammit (requested by: Slim,compiled by: Miss Dolo) che riporto per esteso

    01. Sebadoh – "Gimme Indie Rock" (Buy this Used CD: Dutch East India Sampler)
    02. Mary Lou Lord – "His Indie World" (Mary Lou Lord)
    03. Weston – "Indie Rock Star" (Matinee)
    04. Sicko – "Indie Rock Daydream" (You Are Not the Boss of Me)
    05. Gritty Kitty – "Indie Rock Love Song" (Mistaking Airplanes for Stars)
    06. Even – "Indie Ghetto Blaster" (Different Highs)
    07. Dianogoah – "Indie Rock Spock Ears" (Battle Champions)
    08. Marvelous 3 – "Indie Queen" (Hey! Album)
    09. Blenderhead – "Emerald City Indie Queen" (Figureheads on the Forefront of Pop Culture)
    10. Spitfire – "What Ever Happened to the Indie Queen?" (Dead Next Door)
    11. Frank Sidebottom – "Indie Medley" (ABC & D)
    12. Trenchcoat Club – "Indie Rock is Dead" (Hitch your Station Wagon to a Star)
    13. Kid 606 – "Like, Vibert Can Kiss My Indie- Punk Whitebread Ass" (Down in the Scene)
    14. Anti Flag – "Indie Sux, Emo Sux, You Suck!" (Their System Doesn’t Work for You)

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